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Anne’s S’mores Donut Recipe

Donut with a salted caramel parfait and fluffy vanilla marshmallow, topped with a salted toffee sauce.

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Recommended plating: Serve with a sweet and sour mixed fruit coulis.


250g sugar
50ml water
150g egg yolks
1kg double cream

14 gelatine leaves
4 egg whites
1kg sugar
800ml water
Toffee Sauce
2270g cream
1kg brown sugar
300g butter



• Heat the sugar with water to 118°C
• In the meantime, beat the egg yolks until pale
• Once up to temperature, add the yolks to the mixture and whisk until thick
• Leave to cool
• Once the mixture reaches room temperature, whisk double cream to (almost) stiff peaks, then add the mixture to the cream
• Whisk again to almost stiff peaks, making sure all components remain at room temperature to avoid
• Once mixed, add desired flavouring
• Put in freezer until required

• Soak the gelatine in cold water
• Heat the sugar and the 800ml of water to 130°C
• Once the mixture reaches 115°C, start whipping egg whites in a mixer to stiff peaks
• At 130°C, turn off mixer and slowly add some mixture to the egg whites before mixing on high speed
• Turn off mixer again, add more of the hot sugar then return to mixing on high
• Repeat steps 4 and 5 until the rest of the sugar is added
• Drain the gelatine, microwave to melt and add the gelatine to the mix
• Mix until slightly cooled and it begins to thicken
• Cut to shape and put in fridge
Toffee Sauce

• Heat cream and sugar until sugar has dissolved
• Heat until almost boiling, then remove from heat and slowly whisk in the butter