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Kent Food & Drink Business of the Year 2022 Finalist: Wonderchup

We are a condiments company that wants to help wean the world off sugar by transforming taste buds one dollop at a time.


Wonderchup make healthy, delicious and sustainable condiments. We all know too much sugar is bad for us. Hidden sugars are even worse because they sneakily grow our sugar addiction.

All our products are designed to be planet- and people-kind and none are made in plastic containers.

We look at the world as one big family and that we are all the same inside.

Our products create better versions of popular global condiments by putting natural goodness back in. To increase the benefits of our ketchup over the brand leaders, we added extra lycopene, rosemary and garlic. In all of our products we add 30% NRV of Vitamins B6, B9, B12, D3 + E. It is the addition of these micronutrients and the omission of ultra-processed complicated ingredients that sets our products apart from the rest.

This will be even more so as the trend towards getting rid of all excess sugar and salt and bad fats and developing plant-based foods becomes more widely accepted.

Our first product. Wonderchup, launched in January 2018, is the only ketchup that has no added salt and absolutely no added sugars of any kind. We recognise the power ketchup has to influence what children eat and want to make sure that the influence is a good one, not one that leads to a lifetime addiction to sugar and highly-processed foods.

We work with real-time logistics to avoid all waste. We give to food banks and charity to support people
of all ages on the poverty line. Our industry partners are ethical and our supply chain transparent, from the ingredients we source to the manufacture of our labels. Our aim is to totally eradicate plastic in our lane of the food industry. We have a positive ambition to only do good. Access to safe and nutritious food for all, to us, meant redesigning otherwise unhealthy ubiquitous foods. Selling for a fair price, bottling in environmentally-friendly vessels and working with ethical trading partners. Wonderchup launched with a tomato ketchup
and is launching new products this year, each of which is vegan without allergens and caters for all tastes. By
this, we mean cater for people from all over the world, be they European, Asian, African, Australasian, South
American, Nordic, Baltic or from the UK.
Our family of products can accompany meals anywhere on
Earth in a sustainable way: in homes, in restaurants and at sporting events. Microplastics in the food chain are linked to a strong rise in auto-immune conditions. Adding or rather cramming as much nutrition, knowledge and goodness into every dollop or serving means that in a little way we could add goodness to even the humblest of meals and certainly help to add goodness to UPF (ie. burgers/hot dogs – vegan or otherwise) and other unhealthy meals surreptitiously.
Condiments represent one of big food’s cheapest yet most addictive products. They therefore should be seen as an opportunity to do good EVERY DAY if they are healthy.