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Kent Non Alcoholic Drink of the Year Finalist: Coffee Bean Shop's Breakfast Blend Coffee

Producing coffee like you have never tasted before is an art.

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Producing coffee like you have never tasted beforeis an art. It takes thousands of hours of testing, perfecting and producing the finest coffee beans that are so fresh, when you open the bag, you go wow!

Coffee Bean Shop started back in 2008 and was founded by Lizzie Powell in her garage on an award-winning coffee roaster made by Giesen. With family values still at its heart, this roastery continues to put ‘a little love in every cup’ still to this day.

The business is now supplying some of the finest crops of coffee available each season, freshly roasted-to-order, to thousands of our coffee lovers across the UK.

This family-run roastery is proud to be the number-one-rated coffee roaster in the UK on Trustpilot and is approaching 5,000 five-star reviews from our incredible customers, or what we like to call… ‘serious coffee drinkers’!

The aim was to create coffee that had the "wow” factor; that "freshly roasted, open the bag and it hits you" coffee. I wanted to experience new flavours without the harshness often associated with over-roasted coffee and thus began my journey - over a decade ago - learning to roast in my kitchen. I started with a few sacks of coffee and then moved the 1kg roaster into the garage (and promptly redecorated the, by now, brown-stained kitchen). The website was developed with a shopping cart and I launched.

This really was a family business from the start - my sons Ollie and Harvey work in the company full-time today and we really are a coffee-mad family. Known in our village as the “coffee beans” and “coffee bean Liz”, I doubt anyone knows our surname, but they know where the best coffee comes from!

We still expertly, artisanally hand-roast every coffee over flame in award-winning Giesen coffee roasters. No matter the brewing method, our coffee is simply delicious and you can choose from more than 52 varieties throughout the year, including some of the rarest, most exclusive coffees in the world. No matter the occasion, Coffee Bean Shop will have your perfect cuppa!

We ethically source this season’s finest green coffee beans from our trusted suppliers. We have several independent suppliers who visit the coffee regions regularly and give charitable donations from our purchases back to the local farmers and coffee producers. We are Fairtrade Certified and buy many of our coffees that are part of the Rainforest Alliance.

Our reviews are testament to how we run our business. Every order that leaves our roastery includes a handwritten note, with personalised recommendations and any help that’s needed. Now every one of our coffee lovers is a ‘serious coffee drinker’!

All you need to do is kick your feet up, check your milk supplies, don’t worry about the sugar… we’re all sweet enough! And get ready for some seriously delicious coffee, all delivered the next day by your local postie!