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Meet Our Judges: Catherine Royle, Sustainability Expert

Supports and strengthens innovative brands through ESG and sustainability strategy, stakeholder engagement, social impact partnerships and communication

Catherine Royle

Catherine’s career journey has been a fusion of her greatest passions: a genuine interest in people, a love of food, and the value of ‘doing good’. She has over 20 years’ experience in sustainability, from working with some of the world’s biggest food and drink brands to founding a cafe in East Kent.

The ’Taste of Kent Awards’ is a prime platform to celebrate the county in all its glory! For local businesses it’s a first-rate opportunity to get your name out there, to grow your business by raising your profile, networking, and just seeing what is going on on your very own doorstep. So often small business owners are incredibly busy and don’t have the opportunity to step back and see the wider picture. These awards are collaborative, exciting, and celebrate all things Kent - there’s every reason to get involved!