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Meet our Judges: Louise Wagstaffe, Chef-Director at Delicious By Design

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Louise Wagstaffe

Louise is a culinary entrepreneur and experienced chef, with over three decades of experience of the food industry. She is currently Chef-Director at Delicious By Design, established in 2009.

Louise firmly believes good food habits start early, by educating children about food.In 2021, the Craft Guild of Chefs named Louise as one of 44 Culinary Heroes, for her extraordinary work during the Covid pandemic.

Louise graduated from University College Birmingham in 1992 with the award as top student of the year. She lives in Buckinghamshire with her husband and two children.

Entering The taste of Kent Awards presents a unique opportunity for local producers to showcase their culinary creations and gain recognition in a vibrant food community. When judging a product, the focus is on exceptional quality, innovative use of local ingredients, and the ability to deliver a memorable taste experience that reflects the richness of Kent's culinary heritage. Participation not only elevates the profile of your product but also connects you with other passionate food artisans, fostering a community dedicated to culinary excellence.