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Sponsor Highlight: Kent County Council


"Kent County Council is pleased to be the head sponsor for the 2023 Taste of Kent Awards. Over the last few difficult years and under continuing difficult times the industry has shown tremendous fortitude, resilience and imagination to continue to produce some of the finest food and drink in the Country. Locally produced food and drink creates important economic opportunities, health benefits and reduces environmental impact. Locally produced food is also an investment in our communities and by supporting our local producers today, we will be ensuring that there are producers in our community tomorrow. This is important for our long term food security and everyone should think about how we can add more locally grown produce into our lives. By doing so we are supporting the many benefits of producing and ‘buying local’. This flagship event celebrates the County’s finest produce and the talented people who make it all happen. Kent County Council is proud to support it."

Stephanie Holt-Castle, Director for Growth & Communities at KCC